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Rusty’s Rags Makes Gun Cleaning Easy!

Are you looking for something to Quickly and Easily wipe down your gun after a day at the range or simply showing off your prized collection to your friends?

Well, look no further than the Amazing Rusty’s Rag!

With one quick wipe of our real sheepskin gun cleaning cloth, you will be amazed by the results. The Sheepskin not only removes any fingerprints that cause rust and ruin your guns, it also leaves a Showroom Shine.

Rusty’s Rags Famous Gun Oil leaves your guns Clean, Shinny and Protected from harmful elements. It does all of this without leaving any LINT or bad ODOR behind.

Also try our Rusty’s Rags Ultimate Knife Cleaning Kit for all of your blades!

Features and Benefits:

  • Gets in those hard to reach ‘Nooks & Crannies’
  • CLEANS, SHINES, & PROTECTS all guns and knives
  • Easily removes fingerprints
  • Simple ‘wipe on’ – ‘wipe off’ technique
  • Sheepskin last 10 times longer than silicone cloth
  • Oil is Odorless, Non-Toxic & Enviornmentally friendly
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Can be used on ANY Gun or Knife Finish including wood

Pistol Cleaning Kit

Clean, Shine and Protect your Handguns with our #1 Gun Cleaning Kit!

Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning

Clean, Shine and Protect all of your Long Guns with our Rifle and Shotgun gun cleaning kits!

Knife Cleaning Kit

Clean and Protect your knives while adding a showroom shine with our amazing knife cleaning kit!

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